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Vor 10 Jahren übernahm ich die Pflege der Webseite, über die Zeit hatte ich viele gute Kontakte mit Menschen aus aller Welt, besuchte selbst viele der Stammtische und Treffen.
Es wurden immer mehr Treffen, immer weniger erfuhr ich davon, fand auch selbst neben Job und eigenem Leben Zeit, mich mit der notwendigen Musse um die Seite zu kümmern. Unterstuetzung war da, jedoch nicht in einem Masse, die eine umfassende Liste der Deutschsprachigen Treffen benötigen würde.
Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen, die Liste der Treffen und den Kalender per Ende Juni 2018 einzustellen und zukünftig auf zu verweisen. Der Rest dieser Site bleibt bestehen, sei es als Inspirationsquelle von Besuchern, sei es als Archiv der jungen Polykultur im Deutschsprachigen Raum um die Jahrtausendwende.

Beat Rubischon <>

Swiss Poly 101

The First Poly101 Meeting in Basel

Poly101 started in Vancourver as a discussion group about polyamory and relationship orientation. Last year, a Swiss member of the Vancouver community brought the idea back home and started a Poly101 in Olten. English was chosen as the language of discussion in order to bridge the barrière de reuchti. This group now proposes to travel to other cities in Switzerland, and the first meeting in Basel will take place on March 6th (details below).

The aim of Poly101 is to provide a safe and respectful space for sharing thoughts and experiences around polyamory and relationship orientation and for asking questions. There is no definitive take on the subject; everyone has his or her own perspective. For a growing number of people, however, these are important topics in their personal lives and finding a community to share thoughts and experiences with can be extremely helpful and enriching.

Both monogamous and polyamorous people are welcome to attend, but the focus of discussion is polyamory. This is about discussing and understanding relationships, nothing more; it doesn’t mean identifying yourself as oriented one way or another, unless you choose to, and it doesn’t mean stepping out of any relationship boundaries. All participants are asked to treat the discussion with sensitivity and respect the privacy of the others.

For those who are new to the topic, polyamory is essentially open love. Relationship orientation can be thought of as a spectrum between exclusive monogamy and consensual non-monogamy. Just like sexual orientation, everyone falls naturally somewhere along the spectrum. Some people are clearly more comfortable in monogamous relationships, some in open relationships, and most people fall somewhere in-between: they desire the perceived safety of monogamy but still feel attracted to other people. Those who have polyamorous agreements face a set of challenges, rewards and experiences that monogamous people don’t, and vice versa - although core aspects of relationship management are the same across the spectrum. Discussion topics specific to polyamory include communicating effectively in open relationships, understanding and managing jealousy, identifying and respecting boundaries, providing emotional security, negotiating agreements, managing microbiotic safety, communication between “metamours” (e.g. you and the partner of your partner), coming out as poly, communicating with children, managing time, polyamory and spirituality/philosophy/ethics/religion/politics/law, and so on.

Basel Meeting Details:

When: March 6th, 7:15pm (until approx. 9:15pm)

Where: Schüler-Foyer Im Lohnhof, which is on the ground floor below Centrepoint. The room is private and is not associated with Centrepoint, but the directions are the same as on their website (except you won't need to ring the Centrepoint bell):

RSVP by e-mail to Jamie Brown at

Cost: each participant will be asked to contribute CHF 10 to help cover the room rental


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